Jordan Rogers

Reporting on technology and local startups for ExitEvent in Raleigh, Durham and the Research Triangle Park. Helped develop the publication as a lead analytics strategist and web/technical consultant. Syndicated on WRAL-TechWire.

Highlights of my work:

Meet Google's Webspam Man

How Google works and the background on former UNC student Matt Cutts, the man who makes it happen.

The Holy Grail of (USB) Cables

Why is the USB-C such a big deal? And why should you care?

Three Journo-Startups Taking On Traditional Media

Long piece covering 3 local digital startup magazines and publications.

Google's 'Magenta': A.I. Comes to Moogfest

Dispatch from Moogfest in Durham on Google’s AI endeavors.

Durham's Spreedly Speeds Up Payments Tech and Cybersecurity

Explaining the importance of web security and Spreedly’s role.

Explaining Net Neutrality: The Debate and FCC Proposal

I explain the debate, context and potential consequences of this month’s coming net neutrality vote by the FCC in 2015 when FCC chair Tim Wheeler passed “NN” laws.

Series: Taking Virtual Reality To The Next Level, From Gaming To Everywhere

3rd piece in a series on the space technology behind Wearality’s VR device.

PrecisionHawk, NCSU Put North Carolina in National Spotlight For Drone Development

Long piece on the drone industry in NC and the local drone industry’s effect nationally.

How Impulsonic Makes VR & Gaming More Immersive

A project born of UNC’s computer science department takes on the software of sound