Jordan Rogers

Analytics & Research

I’ve developed a few systems for traffic growth on publishing websites. Contact me if that sounds interesting.

High-level click-stream web analytics converted into targeted publishing

A scaleable solution for determining whether targeted audiences and content buckets are worth creating. Full-proof method for maximizing the reach of any publishing website instantly. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools/Search Console access necessary. Contact for more information.

Advanced media indexing on complex websites

How to properly set indexing and crawling methods on websites large and small can massively affect traffic. I’ve created a checklist for WordPress websites via the Yoast plugin that works extremely well. Contact for more information.

Trim & Cut approach for organic growth & quick crawling

I’ve developed a successful to-scale method for de-indexing and sitemapping websites. Works out-of-the-box with WordPress sites and can increase organic traffic 15-25% overnight. Contact for more information.

Polling Analytics

I was a polling assistant, writer and technician for Public Policy Polling during the election season of 2013.

PPP: Press Release, Data Analysis 2014 Minnesota

Rogers on the prospective numbers of the Al Franken and Mark Dayton incumbency elections heading into their 2014 races. PDF of data, methodology and cross tabs here.

PPP: Press Release, Data Analysis during 2013 Government Shutdown

Rogers on national polling data on Congress during the 2013 Federal Government shutdown. PDF of data, methodology and cross tabs here.

PPP: Press Release, Data Analysis of National Congressional Approval

Rogers on approval ratings of general 2014 congressional election climate. PDF of data, methodology and cross tabs here.