Jordan Rogers


I’m Jordan Rogers and I’m a professional tech writer, analyst and digital publisher. I write, report, edit, analyze and build digital publications—I’ve created and developed local media outlets like,, and consulted and/or worked full time on established brands, and—at the writer, managing editor, analytics, technical and marketing levels.

I’ve worked as an analytics lead and strategist at,,,, as well as in the digital firm and agency spaces for companies like Cree, Sierra Club, DirecTV, Normacorc, and Three Ships. I’ve written and analyzed at Public Policy Polling and have a background in analytics and academic editing. I also develop really cool SEO research for publishing companies, universities and corporate websites.

You may remember me from such viral internet sensations as,, SportsChannel8, Dollars4Ballers, the world’s most popular ginger ale fan website, and/or TarheelDepot.

I’ll work or consult on any interesting projects, I’m active with nonprofits and love donating my time and expertise, just ask!

Some highlights of my writing:

(Some of my ExitEvent work is migrating to TechWire archives, links to come)

Meet Google's Webspam Man

How Google works and the background on former UNC student Matt Cutts, the man who makes it happen.

The Holy Grail of (USB) Cables

Why is the USB-C such a big deal? And why should you care?

The Donald Trump Experience Comes to Raleigh

Rogers was at Trump’s rally in Dorton Arena for his 2016 presidential bid.

Less Scoring Ain't Boring

Longform on soccer and scoring stats

I need a barista

I know almost nothing about coffee. I don’t know how it works, I just know that it does.

Explaining Net Neutrality: The Debate and FCC Proposal

I explain the debate, context and potential consequences of this month’s coming net neutrality vote by the FCC in 2015 when FCC chair Tim Wheeler passed “NN” laws.

How To Win Without Playing

Earned over 100,000 reads

Three Journo-Startups Taking On Traditional Media

Long piece covering 3 local digital startup magazines and publications.